Wilmington-Clinton County Chamber of Commerce

Grain Merchandiser

JOB SUMMARY: Continually monitor, assess, and manage all facets of current and potential commodity position risk.  Develop and execute strategic merchandising plans.   The merchandiser is assisted by a strong administrative team.   Key merchandiser responsibilities are summarized below and are not intended to be interpreted as an all-inclusive listing.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: (Note: The following list of essential functions is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary.)

  1. Risk/Regulatory Management
    • Collaborate with the Premier management team to establish and ensure adherence to Premier Grain buying and selling policies.
    • Evaluate the risk-versus-reward for all purchasing and sales scenarios as part of consistently maximizing company profitability.
  2. Commodity Positioning
    • Manage daily commodity risk positions within approved risk parameters.
    • Determine supply and demand, survey market conditions, evaluate arbitrage and hedge opportunities and analyze other economic forces in domestic and foreign markets and use to develop a market point of view (POV). Establish a position in the marketplace based on POV.
    • Seek a continual understanding of factors affecting global, regional, and local grain markets. Work within risk parameters while displaying a high level of transparency in decision making, product positioning, and execution.
    • Monitor inventory levels, inbound logistics, inventories, and total ownership of grain commodities.
  3. Commodity Merchandising
    • Collaborate with other members of the Premier management team to develop, execute, and control merchandising programs and strategies for buying and selling grain commodities, and achieve targeted volume, gross profit, and market share goals.
  4. Adhere to company policies and procedures.
  1. Perform all other duties as assigned.
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: All employees of Premier Solutions are responsible for working toward the corporate mission and all quality goals of the organization. Confidentiality must be maintained at all times.
            Stationary Equipment:
Computer/Printer and other miscellaneous office equipment               8+       
Telephone                                                                                             As Needed
Copier                                                                                                   As Needed
PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:                                                            HOURS PER DAY
Mental/Visual (mind/eye/hand coordination)                                        1 to 3                           
Driving                                                                                                  As Needed
Sitting                                                                                                   4 to 7
Standing/Walking                                                                                  As needed
Lifting 5-20 lb.                                                                                       1/2 to 1
Lifting 20-50 lb.                                                                                     As Needed
EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE: Bachelor’s degree in an Agriculture related field or Business and 1-5 years’ experience in a grain trading environment required.  White Commercial Merchandiser Certification is a plus.
SKILLS: Excellent oral and written communication, leadership, accuracy, organizational, attention to detail, and the ability to read and understand a daily position report (long & short) required. Self-motivated, proactive and forward thinker, team player with excellent time management and the ability to collaborate on cross functional teams.  Must be able to work within soybean, corn and wheat markets, exercise independent thinking and use good judgement.
CERTIFICATIONS/LICENSE:  Must have a valid driver’s license.
Premier Solutions is an equal opportunity employer