Chemistry Instructor - Full Time Faculty

Posted: 06/19/2022

Southern State is committed to its mission to provide accessible, affordable and high quality education to people in southern Ohio. The college values honesty and integrity in all endeavors, tolerance for different ideas, respect for all individuals and excellence and creativity in the pursuit of knowledge.


Engages students in the teaching/learning process; works assigned schedule, participates in college committee work, represents the college in the community, and performs other related duties as required.


To perform this job successfully, an individual must perform essential duties to expected performance standards.   Reasonable accommodations are made as required for persons who are disabled under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Teach 30 semester units per year as assigned, some of which may include off-campus classes, including classes located at business and industry sites and classes on more than one campus during a given semester.

Remain current with subject matter and instructional methodology and provide an active learning environment where students are encouraged to become lifelong learners and develop life skills that typify a successful individual.

Maintain posted office hours in accordance with departmental and college policies.

Employ appropriate assessment techniques to measure student performance in achieving course goals and objectives.

Communicate progress in the course to students in a timely manner.

Determine and submit students’ grades in accordance with established college policies and procedures.

Assist with student advising.

Develop syllabi, mentor adjunct faculty, plus establish and maintain advisory groups.

Engaging in curriculum development with the College.  Prepare and deliver high-quality courses.

Host experiences for partner high school faculty using Southern State laboratory equipment.

Support the mission of the program, division, and college.  

During the balance of the weekly time available, participating in professional activities that may include, but not limited to, the following: committee work, community services, maintenance of professional expertise and subject matter, interacting with students and prospective students, cooperating with other educational institutions, cooperating with business and industry, and working with adjunct faculty.

Exhibits regular and punctual attendance and works outside of normal schedule as needed to meet workload demands.