Wilmington-Clinton County Chamber of Commerce

CPU Compliance Supervisor

Posted: 01/10/2021

Job Title: CPU Compliance Supervisor

Job Description: Under general direction of the Child Protection Administrator, Supervises and assists as needed with Title IV-E activities including initial IV-E determination and annual re-determination of all children in agency custody or when a change in custody occurs. Oversees and assist with the maintenance of Medicaid managed care for children in agency custody. Manages and assists with agency referrals including verifying client history, assigning family and log numbers, documenting information in SACWIS, maintaining all open, transfer and case closure logs and corresponding documentation. Provides on a monthly basis to Administrator, specified ROM, SACWIS, AFCAR, and BIC reports. Will coordinate with other unit supervisors to ensure proper information is updated and maintained in system to produce complete and accurate reports..... READ MORE HERE

Special Requirements or Considerations: Minimum Characteristics: Bachelor’s Degree in Social Services or a related field with five (5) years relevant experience in a human service-related field plus two (2) years supervisory experience in human service-related field. General knowledge Child Protection processes and procedures. Ability to review and interpret rules and policies. Excellent written and communication skills. Ability to deal with people in difficult circumstances.

Business Name: Clinton County

Business Address: 1330 Fife Avenue, Wilmington, Ohio 45177

Contact Name: Sarah Smallwood

Contact Phone: 937-383-1170

Contact Email: Sarah.Downing@jfs.ohio.gov

Employment Type: Full time