Wilmington-Clinton County Chamber of Commerce

Deputy Dog Warden

Job Title: Deputy Dog Warden

Employment Type: Full Time

Job Description: The job position patrols the county and enforces statutes governing licensing and regulation of dogs with owners (conducts license checks during complaint calls, warns owners in violation, issues citations, seizes and impounds dogs, investigates neglect and cruelty relating to dogs, etc.) Investigate bite cases in conjunction with the County Board of Health, quarantines dogs, investigates claims for damage to animals (fowl, sheep, calves, etc.) determines if damage is done by dogs; appears in court as subpoenaed, attends arraignments and assists prosecutor for upcoming pre-trials; receives and responds to telephone complaints; conducts door to door dog license checks; files dog licenses, maintain shelters, cares for dogs and conditions; maintains walkways during bad weather events. Prepares and maintains records, reports and other documentation. READ MORE


  • Enforce laws governing licensing and regulations of dogs. Educate members of the public regarding dog laws including providing guidance on how to be compliant. 
  • Respond to calls and complaints. Document issue if warranted. (Issue warning ticket, citations of seized and impound dog)
  • Must present self in a professional manner and provide clear and accurate testimony during court testimony. 
  • Maintain vehicle to ensure reliability and safety.  
  • Make sure dogs are properly fed and cared for while secured in our shelter.  
  • Maintain supplies and equipment to support department (dog food, uniforms, cleaning  supplies, tools, and office supplies). 
  • Work with Prosecutor before and during trials to keep informed of any issues or changes. 
  • Keep logs of intake and send to Board of County Commissioners in a timely manner. 
  • Properly fill out reports and deliver along with funds received from redemptions and licenses for impounded dogs. 
  • Keep Maintenance Department informed on any issues relating to maintaining or repairing our Dog and Kennel buildings (electric, water, heat, damage or security). 
  • Good communication with Dog Warden in office and in the field to ensure safety.           
  • Maintain and keep records filed and organized on all work and dog related issues. 
  • Good communication with public.
  • Keep office clean and organized. Keep supplies organized in kennel building and outdated dog food and trash removed. 
  • Keep walkways and sidewalk clear during inclement weather events. 
  • Maintain a customer service approach to communication with the public, maintain a positive relationship with law enforcement.  
  • Maintain good attendance. 
  • Take after hour call on a rotating schedule including weekends and holidays, responding to urgent or emergency types of situations as outlined in policy. 
  • Check email and voicemail regularly and respond in a timely manner.  

  • Ability to lift up to 35 - 50 pounds on a regular basis, ability to lift up to 75 pounds on a periodic basis.
  • Ability to push, pull, lift animals onto and off of truck bed.
  • Good eye/hand and feet coordination (ability to move and think fast, ability to deal with high intensity issues).
  • Handle unpleasant situations (deceased or bleeding animals and people, emotional or angry members of the public, poor sanitation).
  • Must be able to be aware of surroundings and use good judgment to identify and avoid potentially unsafe situations.
Business Name: Clinton County

Business Address: 1330 Fife Avenue, Wilmington, Ohio 45177

Contact Name: Wendy Eddlemon

Contact Phone: 937-383-1170

Contact Email: humanresources@clintoncountyohio.us