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Child Protection Caseworker - Ongoing

Posted: 02/16/2022


Department: Clinton County Job and Family Services – Ongoing/Protective Unit Type: 1 Full-Time Position $18.74 per hour 

Probationary Period: 365 Days 

Bargaining Unit Position: No 

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or a related field, valid Ohio  Driver’s License, reliable transportation, excellent communication skills, ability to work  cooperatively with others, competent in Microsoft Office (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). 

Job Duties: Provides direct casework services, information and referral for services to families  and children on their caseload with the purpose of keeping families intact, assists in reunification  and/or permanency planning. Develops case plans with all involved parties and regularly  monitors progress. Will complete ongoing visits with parents, children, and caregivers to review  family progress towards their goals and assess child safety and well-being. Conducts drug  screens.  

Must be able to communicate effectively with families and service providers. Must use critical  thinking skills to problem solve and keep families engaged. Ability to recognize and de-escalate  potentially contentious or threatening situations. Ability to resolve routine issues/concerns.  Arranges and supervises visitation between children and parents. Transports children to  appointments including, but not limited to, medical, school, visitation, and counseling. Assists  parent and/or caregiver in ensuring medical, therapeutic, psychiatric, educational, and other  applicable needs of children are met. 

Prepares testimony and summaries for court proceedings and represents the agency’s position in  collaboration with legal counsel. Makes recommendations regarding custody and placement of  children. Must be able to meet deadlines and document all case activities as required by Ohio  Department of Job and Family Services and agency policies. Must complete required trainings.  Maintains confidentiality of case and agency information. Comply with agency personnel  policies and procedures. Able to carry out detailed oral and written instructions. Demonstrates  regular and predictable attendance. 

Please submit resume and cover letter to: Deputy Director Amanda Barrera at  Amanda.Barrera@jfs.ohio.gov 

This job description is not intended to be all inclusive and may be changed at any time with or  without notice. It not a contract of employment, express or implied. Job responsibilities may  include other responsibilities as assigned by immediate supervisor, Department Head or Elected  Official. 

Clinton County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.