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Medical Assistant

Posted: 06/06/2021

Job Title: Medical Assistant


Employment Type: Full Time


Job Description: Responsible for directing and coordinating all nursing care based on established clinical nursing practice standards. Collaborates with other professional disciplines to ensure effective and efficient patient care delivery and the achievement of desired patient outcomes. 


Ability to practice nursing as described by the following definition: “The diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual or potential health alterations.” Ability to utilize the nursing process in the provision of nursing care including but not limited to administering treatments and medications, interpreting diagnostic tests, formulating a plan of care, collaborating with other health care providers and providing education to patients and/or significant others. The successful candidate will be required to pass competencies for this position. Involves discretion and independent action within prescribed limits.

A. Collects patient health data:

1. Determines the priority of data collection based on the patient’s immediate 
condition or needs.
2. Collects pertinent data using appropriate assessment techniques.
3. Involves the patient, significant others, and health care providers in data
collection when appropriate.
4. Ensures that the data collection process is systematic and ongoing.
5. Documents relevant data in the medial record according to hospital standards.

B. Analyzes the assessment data in determining diagnoses/patient problems.

1. Derives diagnoses/patient problems from the assessment data.
2. Validates diagnoses/patient problems with the patient, significant other, and
health care providers, when possible.
3. Documents diagnoses/patient problems in a manner that facilitates the
determination of expected outcomes and plan.

C. Identifies expected outcomes individualized to the patient.

1. Derives outcomes from the diagnoses/patient problems.
2. Documents outcomes as measurable goals.
3. Formulates outcomes mutually with the patient and health care providers, when
4. Ensures outcomes are realistic in relation to the patient’s present and potential
5. Ensures outcomes are attainable in relation to resources available to the patient.
6. Ensures outcomes include a time estimate for attainment.
7. Ensures outcomes provide direction for continuity of care. Anticipates potential problems situations and intervenes to offset any adverse impact.

D. Develops a plan of care that prescribes interventions to attain expected outcomes.

1. Individualizes the plan to the patient’s condition or need.
2. Develops the plan with the patient, significant others, and health care providers,
when appropriate.
3. Ensures the plan reflects current nursing practice.
4. Documents the plan.
5. Provides continuity of care in the plan.

E. Implements the interventions identified in the plan of care.

1. Establishes interventions that are consistent with the plan of care.
2. Implements interventions in a safe and appropriate manner.
3. Documents interventions.

F. Evaluates the patient’s progress toward attainment of outcomes.

1. Ensures evaluation is systematic and ongoing.
2. Documents patient’s responses to interventions.
3. Evaluates the effectiveness of interventions in relation to outcomes.
4. Utilizes ongoing assessment data to revise diagnoses/patient problems,
outcomes, and the plan of care, as needed.
5. Documents revisions in diagnoses/patient problems, outcomes, and the plan of
6. Involves the patient, significant others, and health care providers in the evaluation
process, when appropriate.

G. Participates in quality of care activities as appropriate to include but not limited to: 

1. Identification of aspects of care important for quality monitoring.
2. Identification of indicators used to monitor quality and effectiveness of nursing
3. Collection of data to monitor quality and effectiveness of nursing care.
4. Analysis of quality data to identify opportunities for improving care.
5. Formulation of recommendations to improve nursing care or patient outcomes.
6. Implementation of activities to enhance the quality of nursing practice.
7. Utilizes the results of quality of care activities to initiate changes in practice.

H. Other duties as assigned.

Requirements: Graduate of an accredited school of professional nursing. Licensure in the State of Ohio as a Registered Professional Nurse (RN). Proficient with computer systems and oral and written communication skills.

Business Name: Clinton Memorial Hospital


Business Address: 610 W. Main St. Wilmington, OH 45177


Contact Name: Deronda Kite


Contact Phone: 937-382-9265


Contact Email: dekite@cmhregional.com