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Production Operators

Posted: 08/15/2021

Purpose of Job

Responsible for understanding and following work Instructions, standard operating procedures, quality assurance equipment checks, quality product inspections and other data collection methods to produce the highest quality instrument clusters. Using teamwork, operator plays a key role in achieving company targets while maintaining a clean and safe work environment.

Major Responsibilities

Manual assembly of components and assist in loading components and assemblies to automated equipment for assembly. Associates will be responsible for loading assembled product to automated test and inspection equipment.
Visual inspection of individual components, finished assemblies and finished product ready for the customer, referencing the requirements of work standards, reference sheets, Quality alerts and Out of process work instructions.
Completing start up / tool change(s) and tool change verification checks. Includes running verification devices, taking and recording SPC data.
Material handling and part number verification.
Participating in daily meeting activities where production targets, results and quality concerns are communicated to the line before the start of the shift.

Minimum Experience, Education and Knowledge

High school diploma or equivalent
Basic reading, math and communication skills.
Must be Able to Work 3rd shift

NSNA - Nippon Seiki North America (New Sabina Industries)
Tamika Mallow