Wilmington-Clinton County Chamber of Commerce

Shop Manager

Posted: 12/06/2020

Champion Bridge, a growing structural steel fabricator, is seeking a candidate to oversee the safety, quality, and productivity of all shop personnel and operations.

Major Responsibilities:

-Shop target is zero accidents. Ensure a safe and organized shop by following and continuously improving the Champion Bridge safety program. 

  • Maintain safety, training, and equipment records as required. Record and correct unsafe conditions. Hold monthly safety talks on 1st Monday of every month.
  • Review and implement, where appropriate, corrective actions from all Safety Audits including Road to Safety.
  • Oversee maintenance and correct operation of all power equipment and associated guarding / safety devices.
  • Provide training, as needed, for all shop personnel to ensure safe practices.

-We commit to delivering a quality product free of errors to our customers. Ensure a quality product by following and continuously improving production quality procedures.

  • Record all Red Tags, notify AISC Administrator, and work with the quality team to remedy.
  • Provide training to shop workers as appropriate to ensure quality work.
  • Be a contributing member of the Champion Bridge quality team.
  • Maintain all shop documentation required for the AISC certification program and become knowledgeable of certain portions of the AISC Code of Standard Practice.

-We commit to producing products in an efficient manner and providing steel assemblies on-time to our customers.

  • Evenly distribute incoming work to appropriate individuals.
  • Oversee material flow through the shop and ensure smooth operations.
  • Keep everyone productive and on task.
  • Oversee and manage inventory in the yard for efficient loading and delivery as required.
  • Attend Job Status Review meetings on Fridays.
  • Lead Shop Production meeting on the first working day of each week to review projects and priorities for the upcoming week.
  • Lead, manage, and hold shop personnel accountable to core values and job responsibilities.
  • Keep a well maintained and clean shop floor.
  • Work to continuously improve the Champion Bridge workplace environment, and operations.
  • Utilize Champion Bridge production management software to track and manage production in the shop.
  • Help over-the-counter customers with their needs as required.
  • Collect and manage shop orders from the office or directly from customers.


Minimum requirements:

-Completed high school education with 10+ years of experience in the manufacturing/metal fabrication environment.
-Strong math and computer skills. Understanding of mechanical drawings and dimensional layouts are a plus.
-Excellent communication, listening, and observation skills.
-Excellent decision-making and troubleshooting skills.
-Strong management skillset with a focus on team building and shop flow management.
-Strong Personal Character that is in line with company core values of Serving Others, Working Hard, and Being Thankful.

Desirable skill sets and experience:

-Experience / knowledge in structural steel fabrication including reading and understanding design & fabrication drawings, knowledge of fabrication welding processes and types of steel used in industry, ability to layout and assemble parts, understanding of structural connection types (moment, shear, slip critical), knowledge of fasteners commonly used in the industry including connecting bolts and anchor bolts and setting plans, knowledge of field erection processes and how it applies to fabricated parts/tolerances.
-Knowledge of complementary products to the fabrication industry such as bar joists and their accessories, metal decking, bar grating, floor plate, expanded and perforated metals.
-Understanding of OSHA requirements for handrail and miscellaneous items.
-Familiarity with painting procedures, paint specifications, and surface preparation requirements.
-Understanding truck loading processes, weights, limits, oversized loads, etc.
-Ability to manage projects as a whole process while at the same time having an eye for detail.
-Ability to manage multiple projects at the same time.