Wilmington-Clinton County Chamber of Commerce

Team Lead

New Sabina Industries, Inc.
Job Description
Purpose of Job
The Team Lead is responsible for directly supervising and coordinating the daily activities of assembly production lines. Communicates company goals, environmental, health & safety (EHS) practices and deadlines to team members. Generates and shares comprehensive reports regarding, EHS concerns, quality issues, team performance and department objectives. Identifies areas for new training, continuous improvement and promotes team member adherence to company policies and performance goals.

Major Duties
  1. 40%: Line Performance: Run to schedule unless advised by Leadership. Discuss absences with S/C and decide any daily moves needed to support Customer Requirements. Monitor production supplies to ensure associates have tools needed to perform processes. Ensure 5C’s are being completed during the allotted time. Inform associates on a daily basis of previous shift line performance.
  2. 40%: Quality Assurance: Confirm that each station has Work Standard and Part reference sheets. Confirm that each associate is certified and correctly performing processes. Confirm that daily quality checks are completed. Perform LPA daily. Collect data as required to complete analysis. Attend CFTM as required and follow-up on any C/M activities. Rework./Scrap non conforming meters. Report & work with SC to correct any quality issues.
  3. 10%: Daily Reporting: Check PDR’s for accuracy and report any deviations. Enter PPN data daily and insert activity comments. Work with the S/C to understand OEE. Use PDCA to track improvements, update CM activity and results weekly on communication board.
  4. 10%: Associate Relations: Ensure operators are working safely and address all EHS issues immediately. Train and coach associate on processes and any changes. Report any quality and associate related issues to Senior Coordinator. Provides encouragement to team members.
High School Diploma or GED

Related Experience
1 year of experience in lean production / manufacturing environment

Special Training or Competency
Problem solving, adaptability, communication and Microsoft Office. 
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