Clinton County Literacy Foundation

Clinton County Literacy Foundation



About Us

A 501c3 organization focused on getting books into the hands & homes of children in Clinton County. We are busy adding children's books to laundromats and post offices and other locations around the county. And we're also busy engaging with families and preschool teachers to increase the understanding of the importance of reading aloud to babies and young children.

You'll see us around the county at festivals, farmers markets, libraries, schools, and wherever family events are happening! We'll be giving away books and sharing information about how young brains develop even before children start school!

We're always happy to accept donations of money and books and bookshelves.

We're so excited to partner with the Clinton County Dolly Parton Imagination Library in sharing a love for literacy with families in Clinton County! We're excited to hear from you! So share your ideas and feedback in the comments here on FB! Let us know what kinds of books you enjoy in your home and where we might put our next children's library in the county!


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