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About Us

AFRS is Ohio's First Robotic Fire Department.

We were created by public safety professionals for public safety professionals.?
Our board of directors consist of active/retired firefighters, ems, peace officers, military,and/or components of our national infrastructure.

Our field leadership comes to the table with over 300 certifications from Homeland Security and a background in fire, ems, and drone operations.

?We have specific training in drone matters related to counter drone terrorism, drone operations, drone privacy matters, and aeromedical drone operations.

Our mission is to provide a unified approach for drone operations in Ohio. Where the standardization of drone equipment, software, and incident command experience will enhance the safety of communities throughout the region.
If you believe your community would benefit from our services, please feel free to contact us today. We are happy to showcase how AFRS can compliment your safety plan for much less than starting your own drone program.